Why Baby Boomers are Embracing PRP Therapy for Joint Pain

Each generation experiences the aches and pains of growing older. Baby boomers are no different. As you age, the usual wear and tear on your bones, especially at the joints, results in pain that puts you on notice that your body may not always cooperate.

For a generation that has always moved around and about with ease, it’s difficult to come into terms with this chronic joint pain. It’s even more challenging to find a viable solution.

What can you do about it? If joint pain has been giving you sleepless nights, and you’re not sure what solution might work for you, keep reading to learn about platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which harnesses the body’s own natural healing properties.

Causes of joint pain

Joint pain may be the result of disease or injury touching bursae, the ligaments, or tendons that surround the joint. Illness or injury may alter the bones in the joint, cartilage, and ligaments, causing pain. Joint pain can also indicate infection and joint inflammation (arthritis).

While it’s true that pain meds may help reduce this discomfort, they have little effect in slowing the advancement of disease or restoring joint mobility. Here at ReShape LLC, we recommend platelet-rich plasma, a non-operative therapy that has been a game-changer in joint pain management.

PRP therapy and how it works

Treatment with PRP is an all-natural and permanent solution for chronic conditions like ligament sprains, tendon tears, and arthritis.

At ReShape, we draw your own blood and then use a centrifuge to separate the platelets, which are used to make the PRP. We inject this PRP into the damaged tendons, ligaments, or joints to spur tissue repair as well as accelerate the body’s natural healing process.

Platelets are known to be rich in not only growth elements but also healing factors. In particular, PRP:

Good candidates for PRP therapy

You may be a good candidate for PRP therapy if you suffer from chronic joint pain that is not manageable by the usual treatment methods like physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medicines, and cortisone injections.

PRP therapy has been proven useful in treating the following conditions:

Possible side effects of PRP therapy

The PRP concentration is made from your own blood; therefore, complications are rare. But just like any treatment that involves a needle and injections, there are some side effects. They include:

Our providers discuss the potential risks with you, as well as how you can minimize such risks.

Recovery duration

Recovery time varies from patient to patient depending on the extent of your condition and your body’s own ability to heal itself. Most patients start showing signs of recovery — increased function and reduced pain — within six to eight weeks.

To accelerate the healing process, we advise that you follow all of your provider’s post-treatment the instructions. This includes avoiding strenuous exercise as well as anti-inflammatory medications.

Unlike medications that only mask joint pain or simply reduce joint inflammation for a time, PRP therapy harnesses your body’s natural healing and cell-regenerating properties.

If you are struggling with joint pain, the providers at ReShape LLC in Mooresville, North Carolina,  are happy to help. For more information or to schedule a consultation, call us or book an appointment online today.

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