Wendy Macasieb, RN

Registered Nurse located in Mooresville, NC

About Wendy Macasieb

Wendy Kath Macasieb is a Registered Nurse. She trained at the Charles E. Gregory School of Nursing in New Jersey where she was born, her mother was born, and where she met her husband, Dr. Macasieb. After graduation, she began practicing in the intensive care unit at her alma mater. Wendy went on to administer therapeutic plasma pheresis while practicing with the Baltimore RH Typing Laboratory. There, she serviced multiple hospitals throughout Washington D.C. and Baltimore under the direction of Dr. Robert Wenk. Dr. Wenk was a pioneer in genetic testing and director of pathology at Mount Sinaii hospital where his department conducted testing for the OJ Simpson trial. After maternity leave with her son, Anthony, Wendy decided to take time off for her growing family. She now has seven children and a beautiful granddaughter. During this time, Wendy homeschooled her seven children. She also studied aromatherapy as well as botanical and alternative therapies. Now, she is excited to rejoin the medical field as a manager and practicing nurse at ReShape.